In Memory of Penelope Mitchell

In Memory of Penelope MitchellPenelope Mitchell married Chris Mitchell, the founder of Mitchell’s Fine Candies, in her native Greece in December of 1948. Together they journeyed to Cleveland, where she joined him in his chocolate-making enterprise, which he had founded in 1939.

For over 50 years, until Chris’ death in 2000, they worked side-by-side – Chris creating the recipes and crafting the chocolates...Penelope, dipping the chocolates, packaging them, and working behind the counter. Theirs was a partnership made in heaven, the gifts and talents of the one, complementing the other.

Their son, Bill, joined the business in 1977, gradually assuming more responsibility as his parents aged. After her husband’s death, Penelope continued to come to the store every workday – greeting customers by name, remembering their favorite chocolates, and taking special joy in meeting the second, then the third generation of customers who, over the years, had become friends. Until a little over two years ago, she maintained that full and active life, helping and encouraging the staff, greeting customers, and gracing the selections of those she’d grown to love with an extra chocolate, just for the joy of seeing them smile.

On March 1st, Penelope Mitchell passed away. The store will be closed on Thursday, March 5th, as we mourn her loss. May her memory be eternal!