Frequently Asked Questions

Both assortments offer a variety of chewies (caramels, toffees, honeycomb chips), nuts, fruits, and creams. Deluxe offers an additional variety of truffles, marzipan, ginger and apricot

Yes! We ship only via UPS, Monday through Thursday. When shipping to warm weather climates (any location >60F), we will use a low-moisture ice pack and a cool pack liner to prevent any heat from melting your chocolates. 

If you live in the Greater Cleveland area, we offer local delivery on certain days of the week. Please see this page for more information about local delivery

We are not! We started in Cleveland Heights in 1939, and the Mitchell’s Brothers Ice Cream started in 1999 in Westlake. We both just happened to be called Mitchell’s and satisfy Cleveland’s sweet tooth.

Most of our confections are designed for a minimum freshness of 120 days (4 months)

Our truffles and Buckeyes, which contain dairy, should be consumed within 90 days.

Some items that are more simple (just nuts & chocolate – almond bark, etc) are perfectly stable for 6 months or longer. Solid chocolate pieces and bars are best consumed within a year.

Please keep chocolates away from heat sources, direct sunlight and any strong odors. Refrigeration is not required (and in most cases, it tends to be too humid).

Treat any box of confections as you would a fine bottle of red wine. Inside a china cabinet, buffet drawer, or kitchen cabinet is perfectly acceptable.

We are not a nut-free facility, and do our best to maintain sanitation protocols to reduce cross-contamination. 

We handle tree nuts (Almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, pecans, hazelnuts, English walnuts and black walnuts), as well as peanuts (roasted peanuts, peanut butter sugar candy, and Buckeye base). 

Select nuts that we manufacture come to us roasted in highly refined peanut oil. According to research, this does not pose a threat to peanut allergic consumers, as the refining process removes the offending protein that causes an allergic reaction.

In the past, there was not enough interest in sugar-free confections, and frankly – the sugar-free chocolate of 1990-2015 tasted pretty terrible.

Luckily some of our chocolate suppliers are working increasing distribution of some new chocolate sweetened with erythritol or stevia, which have a better flavor profile.

We are still working on some research and development of our own line of better-for-you confections, but in the meantime, we offer sugar-free dark chocolate almonds and a small sugar-free assortment.

We are not a gluten-free facility, but the majority of our confections are gluten free. The only items that should be avoided are the pretzels (all varieties), malted milk balls, and the graham crackers. 

There are some holiday/seasonal confections that may contain gluten (like our Speculoos Praline at Christmas), but that will be declared on any packaging.

Our dark chocolate that we use for most of our confections does contain trace elements of dairy. It has to be declared on the labeling as an ingredient (milk fat) due to shared common equipment at our chocolate supplier. 

It is entirely a personal choice as to what level of tolerance you may have for trace amounts of dairy, based on allergy or dietary preference. 

Our 80% Extra Dark chocolate is completely dairy free, and does not cannot any trace amounts of dairy. We currently only offer these as 3 oz bars or in various holiday moulds. 

We may offer seasonal vegan confections throughout the year based on demand/request

We are not a certified kosher facility, but many of our ingredients and suppliers are kosher. We do not process any meat of any kind at our facility, and the only dairy we handle is milk chocolate, heavy cream, and butter.

Our supplier of panned goods (malted milk balls, cordials, etc) is kosher, and we do not manipulate the product in any way prior to sale. If you have further questions/concerns, please let us know!

It is a blend of chocolate, cream and butter called GANACHE. This allows the center to be a soft chocolate consistency, and adds full fat dairy flavor to create a sweet and smooth mouthfeel.

Our milk chocolate confections are made with 33% milk chocolate, and our dark chocolate confections are made with 52% semisweet chocolate.

We also have a limited selection of 80% cacao products that are available seasonally.