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About Our Chocolate

The Mitchell’s family was renowned for its dark chocolate long before it became fashionable, and Mitchell’s Signature Chocolate remains a customer favorite.

  • Our 52 percent cacao Signature Dark Semisweet Chocolate is an exquisite blend of the finest semisweet couvertures. Richly aromatic, its dark, complex flavor begins with an assertive, mouthwatering bitterness that melts away into a lushly mellow, full-flavored sweetness.
  • Our 33 percent cacao Silky Smooth Light Chocolate is an indulgently luxurious blend of lighter couvertures. Delicately fragrant, with a dense, silky flavor, its texture is as smooth as velvet, with a seductive aftertaste that is sublimely satisfying.
  • Our 80 percent cacao Intense Bittersweet Chocolate is used as an ingredient in some of our more exotic chocolates, and is also available in bar form. It is not available as a dipping option.

If you are new to Mitchell’s, may we suggest you order a sample pack of our Signature Dark and Silky Smooth Light chocolates, in the form of three-ounce bars, as the best way to identify your dipping chocolate preference?