My husband & I living in Edinburgh, Scotland have had the great pleasure of eating one of your creme nougat eggs with the fruit & nut in a dark chocolate shell. It was sister [from University Heights, OH] sent it to us. What a wonderful way to celebrate Easter. Thank you for producing such a quality product.
E & J M., Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
As a teenager, I used to work at the drapery store near the original Mitchell's store next to Heights Theater...After all those years, I'm still enjoying your sweets as much as ever. On special occasions, my girlfriend indulges me with a pound of your Marzipan.
So many childhood memories - from Valentine's Day to Easter to any day's special treat - were made sweeter thanks to Mrs. Mitchell and the delicious confections! Thank you for memories - and the dipped apricots! :)
The best dark chocolate I have ever cooked with. Love it!
Any time is a good time to stop in at Mitchell's--best chocolates ever!
Just looking at the pictures I can smell the aroma, hear Mrs. Mitchell's voice and taste the chocolate. Simply the best!
I have great memories of Mitchell's on Coventry. My grandfather picked up a two pound box for my Mom a couple of times a month, and I would sneak pieces from the bottom layer so I wouldn't get caught! Still stop in when I visit Cleveland – best chocolate ever!
S.P.L, Scottsdale, AZ
This is the best chocolate I've ever eaten. And I've been to Paris…and Switzerland, too. Mitchell's is better.
Scott Raab, Esquire, July 2002
Bruce carried a Mitchell's General Assortment Box all the way from Cleveland to the Annapurna region of Nepal. Although we came within one day's walking distance of each other…we were unable to meet…So he sent me the chocolates by porter.
Ann, now happily married to Bruce
Mitchell's hand-crafted marshmallow squares were as much a part of my Cleveland childhood as the Browns and the Indians . . . but Mitchell's has a longer season.
L.E., Miami, Florida
an you deliver to the United States Naval Observatory at the South Pole?
A Mitchell's customer whose girlfriend was stationed in Antarctica
Mitchell's chocolates have made musical history.
Cleveland Orchestra Supporter
In fact, a certain European orchestra conductor, who frequently visits Mitchell's when he's in Cleveland, once praised our chocolates in his "keynote" address.
We named our son Mitchell.
A Mitchell-bred mother from Tulsa, Oklahoma
This ultimate compliment came to us, along with a birth announcement and baby pictures, from a long-time Mitchell's customer.
The complexity of flavors is both mysterious and compelling.
D.H. -- Willoughby, Ohio
Absolutely sublime! My husband was sitting back in
his chair at home literally uncovering the layers of flavors
while I read the backstories of Callisto, Daphne, Galatea, and Pallas. The presentation is gorgeous, and the ingredients are nec plus ultra!
E.S.D. -- New York, New York
I received The Graecia Collection as a holiday gift….from a global perspective, some of the finest chocolate I've ever had.
D.M.D. -- Wickliffe, Ohio
I want to express my delight with The Graecia Collection. I like them all, but the Callisto may have a slight edge over the others. The Pallas was an unexpected treat with the ouzo flavor. I will certainly order again.
M.A. -- Massillon, Ohio
Superb taste in the most creative package….Delicious and….smart.
G.M. -- Long Island, New York
What particularly impressed us was the interplay of textures and tastes….similar to tasting a complex wine with surprises arising as the chocolate makes its way through the mouth.
J.B. & D.B. -- Upper Nyack, New York
WOW!!!  The new candy line is simply scrumptious…an ounce of cholesterol, one hundred tons of pleasure.
T.C. -- Athens, Greece
My sister gave me Galatea….and it was simply fabulous! The whole family was hooked from the first piece we sampled. Count me in as a new customer.
K.C.B. -- Columbus, Ohio
The aroma out of the box when we first opened it was something else. Heavenly, refreshing taste that lingers in your buds for a long time after the chocolate is gone. Great and unusual combination of flavors. The overall taste is out of this world.
N.P. -- Concord, Ohio
I have been going here since I was a child. When I lived out
of state, I ordered online. They are simply the very best hands down.
Ken H., Fox 8 City Voter Web site, October, 2009
Our candies are bursting with flavor because we still make them the way my parents did when they started our neighborhood candy store -- in small, handcrafted batches with the freshest ingredients.
Bill Mitchell
A must-visit for anyone as they pass through the neighborhood. It's a special treat to visit around the winter holidays, Valentine's Day, or Easter time. The people at Mitchell's put together beautiful gift boxes and baskets, and it's obvious they do it with care. Keep up the great work!
Fox 8 City Voter Web site, November, 2009
All is well here in snowy Colorado.  Package arrived safe and sound, and wonderfully delicious as always.  Totally agree with the quote on your web site.  I feel yours is the very best I've ever tasted.  I'm still a fan.
D.F., Denver, CO
Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for producing such a wonderful product and for sharing your family's chocolate with my family…helping to foster such wonderful childhood (and adult) memories.
A.K., Baltimore, MD
...there is no occasion that does not have this delicious chocolate on the table. We have sent it and carried it all over the U.S.A. and beyond, considering this candy our special treat, part of our family tradition.
R.B., Cleveland, O
In this age, when expensive chocolates are nothing more than the triumph of attractive packaging over mediocre product, Mitchell's still rings true as the producer of gourmet candies.
J.B, Beachwood, OH